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Apple fritter (8th)

Apple fritter (8th)

Regular price$45.00


Apple Fritter genetics stem from crossing Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, making it a hybrid.

Apple Fritter strain effects have been described by consumers as speeding up the head while slowing down the body. Some say it’s a prime strain to help achieve focus while others say they enjoy it for its relaxing physical qualities that may ease pain and tension.

Apple Fritter THC levels rest in the mid-20’s but it has very low CBD levels.





Bubble gum kush (Quater)

Bubble gum kush (Quater)

Regular price$50.00


Bubblegum Kush is a mostly indica strain with thoroughly relaxing effects and a tangy flavor profile. Created in the Netherlands by Bulldog Seeds, this hybrid is a cross between the fruity Bubble Gum and none other than OG Kush. ... Bubblegum Kush'sTHC content has been measured at between 14% and 23%.




Dark Dosi (8th)

Dark Dosi (8th)

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GSC x Face-Off OG

Dark Dosi is a customer favorite, with a sweet earthy taste and deeply relaxing high. She’s been a long time favorite of ours as well and we’ve meticulously perfected our cultivation of this show-stopping beauty, consistently bringing out her full potential of intense potency and rich palate. Dark Dosi carries a stand-out flavor that is syrupy and robust, shining through in any smoking application with an intoxicating sugar-glazed gassy aroma. The true pleasure of Dark Dosi lies in the profound relaxation promised within—cares of the day melt away as you relax into a blissful full-body high. Tried and true, LitHouse Dark Dosi is a perfect 10.



Lafayette, CA Legal  Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) Dispensary

Today, researchers are reevaluating Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) on a legal level. The U.S government had previously declared it an illegal substance for several decades. A growing body of research evidence shows that the majority of the U.S residents support legalizing Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) for recreational and medical use. As such, many U.S states have legalized cannabis for recreational and medical purposes.

Many studies have highlighted the health benefits of Marijuana ( cannabis weed ), which usually come from cannabinoids, compounds found in cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most widely studied compound in Marijuana ( cannabis weed ), and it is also found in a plant called “Hemp.” Health professionals prescribe medical Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) to treat chemotherapy and radiation side effects and to manage epilepsy. Other health benefits of Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) include:

  •       Pain management
  •       Reduced inflammation
  •       Treat mental disorders
  •       Sleep management
  •       Improves lung capacity
  •       Help lose weight
  •       Prevent Diabetes
  •       Fight Cancer
  •       Helps with ADHD
  •       Reduce Alzheimer’s symptoms
  •       Reduce PTSD symptoms
  •       Treat Hepatitis C

Cannabis is found in different forms, and the health benefits of Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) are growing substantially. CBD is a chemical that positively affects the brain and makes it function better. The ongoing research on medical and recreational Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) is showing promising results, and many states are now serious about its legalization.

Lafayette, CA Dispensary

Lafayette, CA Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) dispensary exists because the law prohibits Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) from being prescribed at pharmacies. Lafayette, CA is a Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) dispensary that specializes in selling a wide range of cannabis-based products.

These include 100% pure medical and recreational Marijuana ( cannabis weed ), Green privilege gummies, Candyland THC, Ice cream cake, Blue dream, Blue Cookies, Banana MAC, and Apple fritter THC, etc. All these cannabis products are available at Lafayette, CA at the most affordable prices.

Lafayette, CA Dispensaries are popular for people and patients who want to buy medical cannabis or Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) products. We have established legal Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) programs for patients who look for ways to cope with their severe illnesses. Lafayette, CA has a team of researchers who collaborate with qualified health professionals to streamline Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) products.

Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) dependence and abuse are becoming less common in the United States. A recent report highlighted that many states are rolling back restrictions on Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) use. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of people who abuse Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) is decreasing rapidly.

A recent report published by “Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services” highlighted that the abuse rate was 1.8% in 2002, which dropped to 1.6% in 2014 and 1.2% in 2019. Declines in cannabis dependence and abuse were higher among young adults and teenagers with 18% and 37% decrease over that period.

Why Choose Lafayette, CA, Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) Dispensary?

As the name indicates, Lafayette, CA, Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) dispensary follows the law and legal fulfill legal requirements. We allow people who are above 21 years old to buy Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) products legally.

We supply both recreational and medical Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) while complying with the state and federal law. Here are a few reasons why Lafayette, CA is the best Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) dispensary in California. Continue reading!

Easy and Safe Access

Lafayette, CA is making substantial efforts to provide a healthy and safe environment for everyone who wants to buy and use Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) for recreational and medical purposes. Because obtaining Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) outside is difficult and illegal, it is best to visit our Lafayette, CA and buy high-quality cannabis products.

Our mission is to develop a healthy relationship between patients and medical Marijuana ( cannabis weed ). Our products are based on thorough research, investigation, and accountability. Lafayette, CA is a well-regulated Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) dispensary that ensures all patients access cannabis legally and safety to promote responsible behavior.

Personal Care

Lafayette, CA Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) dispensary aims to develop personal relationships with its customers. We provide guidance and insight that is not available in other Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) dispensaries in Lafayette.

Our qualified and licensed professionals encourage patients to share their medical goals and experiences with us so that we provide them with the best Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) products that meet their health needs.

Our staff has many years of experience in the legal cannabis industry, and we guide our customers on how to make product selections for their specific medical conditions. Our useful insights and guidance empower patients to make informed decisions and consume Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) in a consistent manner to meet their needs.  

Our professional staff ensure there is less dependence on cannabis products. Abuse of Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) is less likely to occur when people access our science-based guidance on the consumption of cannabis.

High-Quality Products

Lafayette, CA, is a reputable dispensary that uses cutting-edge breeding and cultivation techniques to create personalized solutions for patients with specific medical conditions. Our licensed and qualified staff identifies the right strain and product for patients’ unique symptoms, which enable them to treat their condition without any adverse effects.

Lafayette, CA ensures our customers learn to adjust their Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) dose to achieve desired outcomes without becoming overmedicated. Our company uses advanced genetic tools and techniques to reduce the levels of THC and elevate the levels of CBD.

That way, we produce and sell products that offer effective and safe symptom relief without intoxication. Lafayette, CA has made substantial efforts to create top-quality products for patients seeking treatment for mental illnesses, such as stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, etc.

Lafayette, CA has a high-quality laboratory where researchers work to test and label products for purity and potency, which help patients moderate their Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) consumption. Likewise, the side effects of the products are significantly reduced.

Public Health Promotion

One of the main goals of our Lafayette, CA Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) dispensary is to prohibit people from abusing Marijuana ( cannabis weed ). Buying cannabis from an illegal shop or source can increase health risks for patients. At Lafayette, CA, we collaborate with health professionals, public officials, and patients to create highly sophisticated medical Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) programs to promote public health.

Recent research studies and data have shown promising results of medical Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) for patients with health conditions. We encourage our customers to access useful information and support they need to treat their specific conditions.

Responsible cannabis use is an achievable goal, and we make sure to provide full support to all those looking for legal consumption of cannabis. Lafayette, CA has several programs in place to educate people about the legal and safe usage of Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) and related products.

Final Words

Lafayette, CA, Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) dispensary is making significant efforts to build a strong relationship between cannabis products and patients. This relationship will lead to positive public health trends in California and other states of the country.

We aim to make a difference in patients’ lives by encouraging them for safe and effective Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) consumptions. Lafayette, CA is confident that medical Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) will become more interesting and inclusive in the future.

Lafayette, CA, Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) Dispensary Information

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) at any Lafayette Dispensary?

As you search the Internet, simply drive around Lafayette or most cities for that matter these days, you’ll likely find a few or even dozens of Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) dispensaries and weed delivery services. With medical and recreational Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) legalization now becoming a reality for most States, one would think that all these Lafayette dispensaries are legal and have licenses to safely sell Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) to you at any time. Unfortunately, although this may be the case one day across America, it is most definitely not the case today. Generally, States legalize medical Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) first and do so as a trial towards fully legalizing Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) for recreational use. States have historically created very few restrictions on medical Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) sales and use in the attempt to get patients the medicine they need quickly and easily. These loose restrictions and guidelines create an environment where Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) businesses operate mostly hands-off and therefore new businesses are created very fast. In short time, it seems there are many weed stores and likely Lafayette, CA dispensaries on every corner. To be fair, some cities are not like this and there are only a few Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) shops, or even cities where the only Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) to be purchased is on the black market.

To know whether it is legal to buy Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) at any Lafayette dispensary or delivery service you first must know the State law, and then the local Lafayette, CA or community laws or regulations. Yes, it's complicated and at times very difficult to know whether you can legally consume Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) or purchase from what appears to be Lafayette, CA dispensaries. If the State has yet to legalize medical or recreational Marijuana ( cannabis weed ), weed is most probably illegal to purchase or consume. If the State has legalized medical Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) only, then a quick Google search for Lafayette, CA dispensaries regulations will help determine if you can legally purchase and smoke weed in Lafayette with a valid medical Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) doctor's recommendation. If you are not familiar with a recommendation, it's somewhat like a prescription to buy Marijuana ( cannabis weed ). If your State has legalized recreational Marijuana ( cannabis weed ), then a simple Google search for California Lafayette

Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) or Solano County Marijuana ( cannabis weed ) regulations will help determine if you can legally purchase and smoke weed in Lafayette for adult use.